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For like-minded people to learn about the most simple and difficult way of investing, without needing an extensive background in finance.

Dividend Gems

Comprehensive steps & criteria to screen out great dividend stocks. Special metrics and KPIs for certain industries and companies.

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Handpicked Malaysia & international stocks to kick start your 2023 investing journey. Detailed opinionated report with a breakdown of stock info.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Knowledge in investing pays the best returns.

Embark your financial literacy journey with us, where every day you find yourself gaining an insight or lesson in investing

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KayaPlus Key Metrics

​Picking a good company isn’t a walk in a park. In a nutshell, we all know what is a good meal or a good movie. The basic metrics of determining what is a good meal or a movie is pretty much straight forward. Because all of it evokes a sense of feeling or satisfaction.

The key metrics of a good company is, however, more from a logic point of view. Logic, however, doesn’t really mean all numbers and stuff. Do not let numbers scare you away from investing! 

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