Is Tiger Brokers The Best Brokerage To Start Your Global Investing Journey?

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What defines a great trading account?

The layout? The fees? The seamless process of depositing and withdrawing? The available markets to invest? Or the entire trading interface?

Rather than making them an either-or option, I think most of us would agree that all of them combined are what makes a great trading platform.

However, it really is painful to find a holistic trading platform that has all the benefits. Because while some platforms may offer competitive brokerage fees, they might charge exorbitant withdrawal fees.

On the other hand, some best in class platforms are looking competitive on the surface, but they charge an Asset Under Management (AUM) fee or a monthly fee if your portfolio value is below a certain amount.

Back then, it was choosing the best option that you value most while sucking up to the downsides of a platform. But now, you might get the chance to choose a platform that would probably solve all your pain points. 

The Best Trading Platform to Kickstart Global Investing?

Kaya Plus stands firm on the notion that investing in a company, is buying into a business ownership. That means when you invest and buy, it must be a company share. Not a derivative.

We also think it is important to invest globally. Because that is what we are practising, and we are reaping the rewards of it. 

We also firmly believe that investing is a journey of preserving and compounding wealth, because of the right investing methodology and mindset. 

But that is only the part of our investor side. Every investor starts with a reliable brokerage account. A great investor would always be able to synergize with a great brokerage account to invest globally and to make shrewd decisions.

So why is Tiger Brokers, a new kid on the block, suddenly becoming a key contender for investors to pick them as their brokerage to kick start their journey?

Who Is Tiger Brokers?

Before just opening an account, we think it is wise to just understand all about it before making any decisions. Who is Tiger Brokers? What makes Tiger Brokers so interesting that Kaya Plus is willing to introduce it?

You might have seen their advertisements. Or you might have come across them elsewhere. But let us go through the formalities here too. Tiger Brokers is a Chinese online securities brokerage startup based out of Beijing. 

But apart from its origins, its reach is quite global! It is backed by big names around the world. Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., Jim Rogers, and Xiaomi Corp. It is also worth mentioning that Tiger Brokers is a listed company. Tiger Brokers is listed on the US NASDAQ market under the ticker symbol TIGR, under the name Up Fintech Holding Ltd. Hence, all financial info and fillings are available via their annual report.

Source: 2019 Annual Report. Jim Rogers only started to be an investor in May’2020
Jim Rogers with Tianhua Wu. Source: SCMP, Tiger Brokers

From the list of substantial shareholders above, Tianhua Wu, the founder and acting CEO has a 9.31% shareholding stake with the company. They have also hired John Fei Zeng, an experienced banker to also join as CFO in 2018. 

Like all listed companies, TIGR’s financial statements are audited and shared publicly. Coupled with the fact that the major shareholders hold majority shares, with Interactive Brokers also appointing David Eric Friedland as a board member of Tiger Brokers does give some sense of good governance. 

Lightning Fast Account Opening & Activation

Opening an account is surprisingly a breeze. The application takes at most 15 minutes. This is particularly true if you are opening an account in Singapore with SingPass. And after signing up, verification and activation take around 1-3 hours.

Email confirmation upon finishing signing up
Applied on 06.10.2020 9:37pm, account activated on 07.10.2020 12:40pm

You might wonder if 15 minutes include filling up a W-8EN form. The answer is yes it does!

Your First Step To Investing Globally

At Kaya Plus, we champion the ideology of investing globally. Because just like good food and good vacation, good companies are all over the world. 

So when you choose to invest globally, the best scenario is to have a brokerage account that is so powerful, that you can reach as many companies as you want just on the tap on an app.

One account to rule them all.

Tiger Brokers’ market reach is as close as Singapore, as West as the US markets. Going further up North you can also invest in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the burgeoning prospects of the Chinese markets. Down south, you can also reach the Australian Stock Exchange market!

The world is now literally in your hands.

Imagining having access to China, US, and Singapore markets all bundled in one platform

Buying & Selling On Tiger Brokers

Once your account is opened, you can choose to execute your trades on your mobile devices, be it Apple or Android. If you are still very much attuned to trading using the computer then it is also compatible via Mac and Windows as an app download.

This is where investing and convenience finally harmonize with each other. With an app on your mobile phone, you can monitor and execute trades no matter where you are, just when you get connected to the internet.  

Source: Tiger Brokers website

The information you get on a stock is also insightful as well. So, whether you are a trader or an investor, you would find the stock page full of info from a technical and fundamental perspective.

Technical? Fundamental? You name it, they have it

Tiger Brokers’ information and data, presented in rich, vibrant graphs and charts, echoes how we at Kaya Plus do our analysis. Every information, from the basic numbers within the financial statements, to even more detailed numbers, are carefully tabulated out. Personally, we think that it would save us a lot of time moving forward in the future.

Funding and Preparing on Your Global Investment Journey

So, after breezing through the account opening process and browsing through all the cool features intuitively, you are totally ready to invest! What is next?

To start investing, first, you need to deposit your account. Deposit either in Singapore Dollar, United States Dollar or Hong Kong Dollar via your preferred bank. Go through the seamless process and you should receive your funds ranging from a few hours to 1 business day, depending on your funding methods.

Possibly the Most Competitive Brokerages for Multi-Market reach?

Finally, perhaps one of the key aspects that most investors place a heavy focus on is the cost or fees portion. Well, rest assured that Tiger Brokers offers one of the cheapest rates for most, if not all their markets.

To define or visualize how cheap it is, its 0.08% for Singapore markets (min SGD 2.88, but no minimum commission until 31st December 2020); 0.06% for China markets (min RMB 15), 0.06% for Hong Kong markets (min HKD 15) and for US markets, USD 0.01/share (min USD 1.99).

Brokerage fees are true as of writing, as of 20th October 2020. An exhaustive list of charges can be found here.

Yes, they do not offer zero-fee. But we are happy that they did not.

Because zero-fee brokerages sometimes earn their money via spreads. Unfavourable spreads sometimes put investors at very unfavourable positions without us even noticing. 

With a reasonable brokerage, we are well assured that the costs are charged without it factoring into the share bid and ask prices. 

Call to Action

At the end of the day, what we at Kaya Plus do, is to sieve out great companies by analyzing them in great details and coming up with insightful articles in investing.

Every now and then, if there is an app or vehicle that we think is worth our time to share with our readers, we go great lengths to also test out the product and services.

So, if you are willing to kickstart your global investing journey, here is a reward for you. 

  1. Sign up for an account with this link
  2. Upon account confirmation, deposit a minimum amount of SGD$ 2,000 minimally. (*For Foreigners converting using your respective currency, we advise to add in some buffer to ensure your deposits is at least SGD 2,000. Since Foreign Currency fluctuates, please do your due diligence to check the exchange rates and strategize your deposit amount!)
  3. Get rewarded with up to SGD$ 100 worth of stock voucher and 30 days level 2 US data to kickstart your global investing journey, courtesy of being a Kaya Plus reader, and a Tiger Brokers user

We hope that this platform could possibly be the one that kickstarts and grow along your investment journey!

The information available in this article/report/analysis is for sharing and education purposes only. This is neither a recommendation to purchase or sell any of the shares, securities or other instruments mentioned; nor can it be treated as professional advice to buy, sell or take a position in any shares, securities or other instruments. If you need specific investment advice, please consult the relevant professional investment advice and/or for study or research only.
No warranty is made with respect to the accuracy, adequacy, reliability, suitability, applicability, or completeness of the information contained. The author disclaims any reward or responsibility for any gains or losses arising from direct and indirect use & application of any contents of the article/report/written material



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