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castles on cloud

Date: 27 Nov 2021

More than a decade ago, the “cloud” mostly was just basic infrastructure. Then it eventually became the platforms on which companies built applications and software used directly by workers.

As everything slowly goes to cloud, find out the next SaaS that could supercharge your portfolio!



eCommerce Essentials

Date: 25 Sep 2021

Most of the world’s best e-commerce stocks are already enjoying a tailwind from broader digital trends. 

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly turned e-commerce from a convenience into a necessity and changed how we do business, who we shop with and how companies operate.

Take a deeper dive into how everything is going digital and potentially discover the next Amazon!

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Semiconductor sphere

Date: 24 Jul 2021

The semiconductor industry has been a pioneer in digitisation since its inception, offering digital services and pursuing new digital business models.

Now, this cornerstone will play yet another important role in 5G and artificial intelligence. So which are the segments that you should take note of?

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Electric vehicle Ecosystem

Date: 24 Apr 2021

Electric vehicles create a variety of potent economic development challenges and opportunities. While the electric vehicle market is still at a relatively early stage of development, zoom deeper into the possible winners from the most promising segments!

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Founder of Kaya Plus. Self taught investor.

Joo Parn

Founder of Kaya Plus. Passionate in building an automated investment vehicle

Choon Beng


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Electric vehicle Ecosystem


24 Apr 2021

EV Manufacturers

Supporting Component Companies

EV Policy


Semiconductor sphere


24 Jul 2021

Fabless Chip Designers



Supporting Services Companies


eCommerce Essentials


25 Sep 2021

Ecommerce battlegrounds

Asia Vs West Skirmishes

Logistics and Supporting Companies


castles on cloud


27 Nov 2021

Cloud Hosting Market


Cloud Gaming


Thematic Transcripts will be an ongoing thematic based sharing event to bring your investing knowledge and ideas up a level. 

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