Dividend GEMS

Comprehensive Guide To Find Great Dividend Stocks

What is inside dividend gems?

Complete steps and criteria to screen out good dividend companies

3 sets of different criteria to gauge and analyze
(i) Normal companies (ii) Banks & insurance companies (iii) REITs

Special metrics and KPIs for certain industries and companies

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Dividend Gem aims to disclose the ultimate blueprint of finding and collecting potential dividend stocks that can generate income just at a snap of a finger.

To be frank, we find that the true rationale to successful investing has been blurred and buried under the claims that investing is a quick to get rich scheme. As a small minority trying to right the wrongs on the perspective of a systematic and logical approach to get sustainable returns while avoiding pitfalls, this course was launched.

We strive to return the power of managing wealth back to the hands of yourself. With the right skillset and mindset, you shall henceforth be in charge of your own wealth creation.

Last but not least, welcome to Dividend Gems! Your journey to collecting these precious gems to build your Dividend Gauntlet of power starts now!

The Speakers

Founder of Kaya Plus. Self taught investor.


Founder of Kaya Plus. Passionate in building an automated investment vehicle.

Choon BEng

Why dividend investing

One key advantage that gives dividend investing its special edge is its cash flow ability.

Nothing beats seeing cold hard cash being deposited to your account like clockwork. No offence to value growth investing and deep value investing, but these 2 styles of investing require patience and a longer time horizon for substantial capital gains. And most of the time, they do not provide dividends or just a small amount.

Another key difference that sets dividend investing apart is that its ability to continuously generate value without needing to sell away the shares you’ve invested. Dividend paying companies will continue paying dividends until you sell off your stake.

To be continue….


Master the right techniques to screen for dividend stocks that will pay you increasing dividends for as long as you hold them

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