Stock Plus 2023
10 Stocks With Potential & Conviction for 2023

What is included

Top 10 Stock Picks

Hand picked Malaysia & International stocks to prepare for 2023.

Easy to Understand Analysis

Detailed & opinionated report with detailed breakdown of stock info.

Video with Lifetime Access

Access to unlimited video replays after the actual LIVE event.

Conclusive Thesis

How to extract valuable info and analyze them to construct a thesis of investment

Stock Plus 2023 Preview

Unleash Your Investment Potential with Stock Plus 2023: Check Out the Complimentary Preview of 1 of Our Top 10 Most Promising Stocks of the Year.

The Speakers

Founder of Kaya Plus. Self taught investor. SGX Academy Trainer.


Founder of Kaya Plus. Passionate in building an automated investment vehicle.

Choon BEng

2023 will continue to be volatile. But that does not mean we cannot invest in great prospective companies!

Through this course, you will

  • Get to know 10 stocks with prospects and high conviction for 2023
  • Deep dive into 3 homegrown Malaysia companies + 7 international companies
  • The bullish thesis and rationales
  • The risks and threats, and our opinions on why they can be mitigated



(That's about RM0.35 per day if divided over 365 days)

What You Will Be Getting

  • 1 detailed and curated report of 10 stocks worth RM 1,000
  • 1 videos for you to playback and rewatch unlimited of times 

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Top 10 curated Malaysia stocks with potential

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