[Webinar] Cash Is King? So Is Keeping Cash The Best Option?


Do you know the Malaysian Ringgit is one of the fastest depreciating currencies 📉📉 in the world? 💣💣It’s never too late to realize this and start some actions on it.🔥

0:00 Intro & History
4:05 The Truth You Need To Know About Money
7:00 What is Happening Now?
12:13 Hyper Inflation Is Coming. Are You Ready For It?

20:23 So, we haven’t even start the depression yet? Omg. So, what portion or ratio do you recommend us to save cash, maintain invest in low and high risk investments etc for the time being… and when the depression starts?

28:20 How to plan for the entry and exit strategy?

33:26 When do I typically exit an investment to take profit? How much ratio recommended to take profit but still keep invested in that particular stock? 😅

34:35 Do the suspension of IDSS is actually a factor for this fake bull market?

35:05 Talking about cash is prince and RM has been depreciating big time… do you think is it a good idea to convert our RM into other currencies?

37:07 what method you guys using to calculate the intrinsic value of a stock?

42:25 Do you agree that stock market is a future economy voting machine? As this covid-19 will eventually be cured in future, may be few months or years, hence now is probably a good time to enter market for long term investment?

43:30 Take Citibank 08-09 for example. If follow the buy in strategy of 3 batches, you would’ve have bought in at $400, $320, $260 -buy in every 20% gap, and it still go down and never recovered greater than $100 until today. Is it a reliable business? Yes. Is it a big company? Yes. Is it still earning and with growth? Yes. So with your exit strategy, at what point and how do you realise your analysis is not working and cut loss?

45:54 What is a good money management plan for investing? Like % of funds go into emergency, % goes into downturn market war chest, % into equities?

47:34 Do you think that current ratio is important ? in this covid 19 situation, sunway reit is more diversified which is more good in this stage as mall is temporary closing down but the current ratio for the sunway reit sucks. While IGB reit has a reasonable current ration, but IGB reit focus on mall only so if covid 19 does not get solve and extension gets longer hence more loses for IGB reit so in this situation which will u invest in ?

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