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Time flies, and we are now officially in the year 2023.

2022 was supposed to be a year of COVID recovery and positivity. But little did we know that we were in for a rough ride

First, the Russian-Ukraine war had everyone shocked. Although war is prevalent in other parts of the world, the Ukraine invasion sends unwanted shockwaves and ripple effects. Grain prices, and oil prices, shot up, before tumbling down.

Then, hyperinflation kicks in. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) remained at scaringly high levels, prompting central banks around the world to undergo massive interest rate hikes or tighten their monetary policy.

At a buoyant and high-interest rate climate, stock prices fell from their lofty peaks. In anticipation of growth slowing down, companies around the world either froze their headcount or slashed their workforce.

Stock Plus 2022 Picks Review

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