A Brief Introduction to 5G and Technology


5G new wireless internet wifi connection.

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network after 1G, 2G, 3G and the 4G that we are currently using in most part of the world. 5G will be the enabler for Industry Revolution (IR4.0) where we are now moving towards an era of virtually connecting everything – machines, devices and objects.

What is the big fuss about it?

In short, 5G would be able to deliver higher peak data speeds, ultra-low latency and more reliability. Remember the time where you had blurred resolution or lagged video streaming? Or your game character is slow into reacting your command? Yes, 5G is quite the answer to it.

We have come a long way to reach to where we are in terms of mobile network capability. In fact, let’s take your down memory lane for the previous versions:

credits: UIH.co.th

It still looks amazing as we go pass 5 generations of mobile network improvements within a timeframe of 50 years. 1G is the analogue voice era where we could only transmit voice over. Slowly in the 2G era, we started a digital voice and also text messages. In 3G mobile data and basic internet browsing puts information on the tips of our hands. 4G is the age of mobile broadband, where a mobile phone’s function and internet capacity is practically the same as a small size computer!

Well, 4G is great already. How could 5G be even better?

  1. Significantly faster than 4G
  2. Has more capacity than 4G
  3. Has significantly lower latency than 4G
  4. Is a unified platform more capable than 4G
  5. Uses better spectrum than 4G

All these may sound a bit like tech jargons or does not mean much to us laymen.

The key question is, where would 5G be used, or very simply how would we benefit from 5G?

Personal Level

Video Conference Online Home - Free image on Pixabay

On a personal level, 5G would greatly enhance the overall mobile broadband experience – from your daily communication to web browsing to entertainment. Remember the first time you used Skype, how many minutes did you end up saying “Hello, can you hear me?” before the line finally got cut off? Not to forget also the pixelated video. How about the times where you were watching a movie or a video online and encountering lags once every few seconds or minutes? With 5G, the expectation would be seamless and smooth streaming experience.

Download free photo of The player,playing,woman,headphones,monitor ...

Of course, another key benefit of 5G is low latency. Latency might not be useful for video streaming, but it is the holy grail for online gamers. Latency measures the delay or lags your game reacts to every command you input. Low latency means your gaming experience is seamless, and your character moves in sync without delay from every control your command!

Business Level – Automotive & Automation

Tesla Autobots | a factory tour after the Model S drive on t… | Flickr
Tesla Car Factory

On a business level, the sky is the limit! This is where 5G gets more interesting where the possibilities are endless to mention in this short article. But we can definitely talk about a few of them as examples. Automotive manufacturing is one of them. There are hundreds if not thousands of different machines and devices working in tandem at different stages to manufacture the final product.

1920s - Rise of the robots: The evolution of Ford's assembly line ...

Long ago, these machines require manual operators to operate and monitor the manufacturing processes. With 5G, these different machines and devices can possibly be all connected to one “command centre” to ultimately increase operational productivity, precision and quality.

Business Level – Healthcare & IoT

Let us take another business as an example – healthcare. Back then, all medical reports and records are all manual using pen and paper. Fast forward to today, Apple Watch is the only thing you need to measure your heartbeat and other types of wearable to measure your blood pressure, calories burnt and electrocardiography (ECG) as to name a few.

If you go for a body check today, chances are your medical reports could be store in an App where you can access them anytime and anywhere. How 5G could help in healthcare is that moving forward, your large medical reports or imaging files can be instantaneously synced and shared swiftly.

Telemedicine will also undergo huge improvements due to high speed and resolution. We may not even need to physically go to the clinic for consultation or follow up. Remote monitoring of live data through connected devices is one of the possibilities. Doctors and surgeons can visualize the patient’s condition using virtual or augmented reality with better precision and accuracy. So, healthcare with 5G may not be science fiction anymore. 

Is that all of it? Wait, there is more!

These are just 2 of the examples that 5G could offer as an improvement to our current daily lives. 5G and tech go beyond these 2. 5G and tech intertwine with each other that it is crucial to understand them deep enough before zooming in for a deep dive analysis into each company. These categories include:

  1. Telecommunications Company
  2. Hardware
  3. Semiconductor
  4. Software
  5. IoT
  6. Cloud
  7. Content Streaming + Advertising
  8. AR + VR
  9. Advanced Driverless Assistance system – ADAS
  10. Data centres
  11. Cybersecurity

Catch us in our LIVE where we briefly distinguish each sector, their role and potential benefit when 5G starts rolling out!

Replay link: A Brief Introduction to 5G

Let us know in the comments too what are your thoughts on 5G, and which sector will be the biggest benefactor!

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