Post-Pandemic Post Mortem: Buying And Holding During Uncertain Times

Time flies. Barely a year ago, we were all still trapped in the midst of one of mankind’s most contagious virus.

Stock markets around the world tanked. Portfolios dipped to insomniac loss levels.

The question is, how do the value investors stay calm and took advantage of the stock market when it tanked?

My portfolio (in green) has seen wild swings as I started investing internationally just before the pandemic strike. Taken on the 24.04.2021

Holding On To Your Stocks Even During Pandemic

My investing journey, especially in the international market, had a far from perfect start.

Barely after 3 months of buying my first stock on the US market, COVID-19 struck.

It was definitely heart wrenching to see my first stock falling into the red, as my portfolio took a beating.

But at that time, I already knew it would be foolish to sell the stock at a loss. What’s more, I am more than confident that the company would still be able to survive the pandemic.

I held onto my stocks. Not selling even a single one of them, during that period of time.

Looking For Opportunities

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