Winter Is Coming

That famous motto that most of us know from possibly one of the greatest fantasy novel (TV series also?)

I always see that quote as a warning and a reminder. Winter is coming does not literally just mean snow and ice will come. There are plenty of arguments that Winter could have refered to other things.

White Walkers, the Night King.

In real life though, it could refer to something chillingly fearful. Retirement age, or retrenchment, with not enough money or savings from the early days of your working life to sustain the living expenses through the end of our days.

They say the cruelest death is a slow death. And I concur much. Holding on to dear life, as you face the worst fears one could ever imagine. Being old, weak and scrawny, unable to continue working for income to sustain an unsustainable built up savings.

Prolly those who got killed off immediately during the Battle for Winterfell faced an easier death.

But before Winter came after 6 seasons of warning, we do know that there is still time for most of us who are still in our 20’s and 30’s. 

Raising your army, nurturing your dragons, hiring of mercenaries, convincing a hoard of Dothrakis and Unsullied to join your cause, earning the trust of the people, are some of the vital actions the key leaders of A Song of Ice and Fire took to build power.

In the real life, what would you do to build up an army that will overcome the Night’s King test when the age of retirement come?

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